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WWII Battle of France

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    Hi there,

    Im just wondering if anybody knows what actually was the main reason for the Battle of France? I mean obviously they were at war but was the the only reason for the invasion? Or was it because of the ideas of Lebensraum but i guess what is what kind of created the war... Or was it because of the treaty that France was apparently really harsh and strict to Germany on reparations and things they they wanted to humiliate France? Please help

    Thanks Oliver

    Germany knew that Britain and France had an alliance/ agreement with Poland to come to her aid if attacked.
    Britain and France declared war.
    Germany wanted to attack East and into Russia because of the communists.
    He couldnt risk a war on two fronts (which means dividing your forces), so aimed to knock out France quickly through Blitzkrieg before either of them could get fully established.
    Britain didnt have a large army.

    By taking out France quickly he stopped them properly joining up with Britain. Britain was also kept out becaise the small army was defeated and they werent in a state to invade. After failing in the Battle of Britain, Hitler was more interested in attacking Russia and sent his forces that way. He could now do so knowing France was out of the War and britain was in no position to attack.

    You can also mention about Hitler wanting Germany to be the dominant European power. master race etc
    Opportunity to restore German pride and revenge for Treaty of Versailles, which was a humiliation to Germany.
    Also too back Alsace- Lorraine.

    So its not just one factor, there are a number of reasons and a sequence of events that made it inevitable, especially when they declared war.
    Hitler already knew what the Allies reaction was going to be when he started his territory grabs in the East, so he had already prepared for France declaring war and he was able to mobilise faster to knock France out as above. He needed to move quickly and had a bit of the element of surprise. If he hadnt then he feared getting bogged down in a WW1 sort of war.
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