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Getting crap GCSE's.. but still hoping for top unis. Doable?

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    If you get C/D's at GCSE, I'm sorry but there is no way that you'll be able to get into Oxford/Cambridge, who regularly reject people with straight A*'s. Anyway, I don't know a single person who managed to improve their performance from GCSE to A Level, so it's unlikely you'd get the grades anyway. Don't want to be harsh, but the reality is you'd be better off setting your sites on mid-level universities and working as hard as possible in your A Levels.

    (Original post by shahj_123)
    I dont find studying generally hard.. i just missed over half a school year, decided not to come in etc. I think i may have over exaggerated my dumbness a bit. I think ill be able to get B's and A's in maths and sciences considering my ISA's were A's and last year i got AA in additional science so im not too unfamiliar with the syllabus just didnt open any of my books nor attend classes for a hell of a long time - roughly just over half a year. Thats why i think ill do much better at a levels as 1. ill have interest in what im studying 2. ill know what it feels like to be an arrogant prick, not turn up for classes then fail miserably
    well if you've already got an A and you think you're going to get As and Bs then you should be fine, but i think you should focus on your GCSEs before looking at universities but im sure if you work hard you'll get into anywhere you want
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Updated: May 24, 2016
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