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    I'm looking at applying to University pending an Access to HE course and although there are lots of articles about going to university as a mature student nothing gives me an honest picture.

    Are there any mature students on here who are willing to talk about their experiences and share any hints and tips they have...

    I'm 30 years old, spent 10 years in the Royal Navy before leaving in 2014. I'm looking at applying for a Business with Supply Chain Management BA(Hons) course with Northumbria University.

    Thanks in advance...

    (Original post by mikejames2612)
    Did you ask questions like this before each posting? Thousands of 18 year olds cope, it's a doddle if you have some life experience. It's even easier than that if you are ex mil, because you understand the concepts of achieving a standard, following the rules and meeting deadlines - the things that trip up most students.

    I went back to Uni after 17 years (in light blue) and basically spent 3 years on the weekend. It's all laid on for you, all your needs are catered for and you have endless people you can go and ask, facilities you can use, discounts, cheap bars, sports facilities and clubs etc etc.

    Just make sure that you focus on employment after Uni from your second year onwards, don't leave it too late. There does seem to be a bit of a limbo where Uni Careers services don't seem to get that a recent graduate with 10+ years of prior experience isn't like any other recent graduate, and the Service leavers support don't seem to get placing people wanting to use anything but mil experience.

    Do you have any particular concerns? As the previous poster said, mature students generally cope well with the workload. I found some challenges, but a darn sight easier than mangling 150 staff and a £3million budget!!

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