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Failed or done badly in first year?

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    I am a first year law student in Bristol uni. In March my grandad was diagnosed unexpectedly with terminal cancer and was very unwell, so I moved from uni halls back home to be able to see him and help take care of him. I have a very small family and am very close to him.
    As time went on and more expected events occurred although I did try to revise for my exams the time and effort I put in was about 25% of what I would have normally put in. Time that I had put aside to revise was disturbed and often cut sort because I had to go to the hospital etc and honestly, when I was revising I was distracted. I've lawyers revised over weeks and months for exams as cramming is not something that works for me!
    I sat trying to do my final piece of coursework in the hospital between visiting hours and I don't hold out much hope for a decent grade on that.
    So far I have sat 2/4 exams and although I answered all that was necessary I don't feel my answers were very good and I'm not sure they'd even gain a 3rd.
    I have spoken to the uni about extenuating circumstances and they say I need evidence of my grandfathers condition but this is proving difficult to get due to confidentiality. So, I don't know if i'll get it.
    Basically, if I do fail or get a low grade what happens then? When I want to apply for work experience next year they'll ask for my first grade and ignore me because it will be low, won't they? I want to do an LPC after my degree and I need work experience for this
    I'm so stressed and overwhelmed by everything right now! If anyone has any advice that would be great

    You dont need work experience for an LPC unless its changed?

    You will be able to get evidence of his conition. Maybe thers a social worker involved, your own GP (about the stress you have veen under) or a letter from his consultant or GP . Maube he has a macmillan nurse? It doesnt have to be detailed. They dont have to give away anything confidential, they can confirm his medical state. You can also evidence the fact you left Uni halls and that you moved back home.

    I would think about asking to resit the exams or if you missed most of the course, then resit the year. You could also try asking SFE if you could ahve it viewed as EC so you dont use up your spare year.
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