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Thinking of applying to Charles University in Prague

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    So I study Biomedical Science at King's College London and I applied to the UK medical schools this year and sadly was rejected from them all. I've been thinking that I'll just apply again next year, but in the back of my mind I've been considering other european medical schools. I'm just unsure whether they're as reputable and whether I'd be accepted on the foundation programme in the UK after graduating as I believe it is GMC accepted? Also I've heard the dropout rate is quite high, which makes me even more unsure. About applying to these schools (particularly Charles University in Prague) would I just have to take the test and if pass be accepted? It just seems to easy?
    If anyone is currently studying medicine as a UK student abroad in a European country, I'd appreciate your views and experience on this subject or if you're also applying then I'd be happy to hear back!


    Hey.....even I'm thinking of applying to charles university 1st faculty....getting mixed information from the internet...idk what to do

    Many, many people get rejected from Medicine at first attempt. Its competitive and a tough process to attempt at the same time as A levels or another degree. Take a year out, get as much 'people' experience as you can over the summer (work in an aged care home, work as a HCA, volunteer at a homeless shelter etc etc) and reapply in the autumn. Totally rewrite your PS. Play down all references to school or Uni and use examples from your w/exp etc that show you are mature. reflective, patient, compassionate, a good communicator etc.

    Prague or any other overseas Uni may feel like a quick-fix answer, but it isnt. Be very aware that if you start an overseas course and drop out, most UK Unis will not be interested in you as they have a blanket policy of not taking people with half-completed degrees/transfers. The drop out rate from Prague is high - the reality of living in Prague isnt much fun if you don't speak the language, homesickness is common, and you will miss your family and friends more than you expect.

    How high are the dropout rates?
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