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Opinions on becoming a hijabi? Losing friends etc

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    I am planning to wear a hijab soon, and no I am not being forced to it's out of my own free choice, I am old enough to make my own choices and my parents have never forced anything on me.

    I am 19 so I already have a lot of friends etc, but a lot of them are sort of like just old school friends that I only speak to on occasion. A lot of my old school friends are non-muslims and have been so used to me not wearing it that I'm worried when they see me with it they won't see me as the same person anymore. Personally for me nothing will change apart from that I'll dress a bit more modestly and obviously wear a scarf but I just want to know what would your own personal opinions be if a Muslim friend decided to wear it, in your eyes would it alter your friendship? Would you be afraid to be seen with a hijabi?


    its the stigma that goes with it.
    i was on a bus once (and someone wearing one of the dress type things that only reveal the eyes) got on with a bag and part way through the journey started chatting on the phone and it terrified me so much i got off at the next stop.
    this was right after the london bombings

    i must add iv matured alot since and i am NOT racist.

    now'a days i wouldnt care if my own mother started wearing one

    I take friends for their personality. And no, I wouldn't be afraid to be seen with a hijabi.

    If you lose friends just because you chose to wear a hijab then they're weren't real friends.

    Why would it be a problem I don't understand. You're an adult, you're 19, and if they're your age I'm sure they wouldn't be so naive to leave you for wrapping a piece of cloth round your head? It's like you deciding to leave them for wearing a jacket in summer or something it's just so silly.
    I've had friends put on the hijab and nothing changed, didn't lose friends or anything, and I've had friends who took it off, again didn't lose friends. It's not anyone else's business and if they're that immature and ignorant, to leave you for an article of clothing you are choosing to wear, then they weren't your friends to begin with :rolleyes:
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Updated: May 24, 2016
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