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Economics and student life in Loughborough, Surrey and Leeds

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    i got AABC for my AS and i got surrey university as my firm choice.
    I live in greater london (basically london)
    however guildford is apparently dull (not much to do) and expensive and those two dont go well. however it is very sociable as many people live closely together.
    Surrey is asking for AAA and im not sure if its a good university for economics on a whole as it is 15-17th in the league table even though graduates earn a lot when leaving. im also not sure if the cost of living is going to differ from london itself.

    Loughborough app is extremeleyyyyyy sociable and has the best student experience
    however its not very strong in terms of economics but in all rankings its jut one below surrey. I can easily apply for loughborough through clearing/adjustment though as they ask for AAB and are known for its leniency

    Leeds has a high reputation. however accommodation is highly separated and the uni itself is massiivveee which i think limits the sociability as your most likely going to be friends with people in your accommodation and thats it. and i heard it has pone of the best nighlife due to it being in the city centre. and are asking for AAA and its higher in the ranking for economics as a whole.

    I am tor between these 3 unis in terms of the course itself and how much ill enjoy the experience and thecity or town it is located in.
    PPPLLLEASE HELPPPP. what should i do and does anyone have an information regarding these unis.
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Updated: May 24, 2016
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