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Anyone did Lady and Fox poem for GCSE English Literature?

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    Everyone said that it was about prostitution between the Lady and the Fox 🤔😕

    No it was about the mutual attraction and admiration the narrator had for the fox

    no in fact the fox was actually a player who is in fact a man which AQA doesn't specify in the question itself and the lady was cheated by him so she asks him to show his ways of seduction and the "player" ways so she also can become a player like him.

    I asked most of my peers but hardly anyone got this including me. BTW this was told by my English teacher.

    I thought the poem was from the point of view of the fox and that she was puzzled by the way we live our lives, for instance when it said stop fretting about the sleeping pigeons, I thought it was the women afraid the fox would eat them.
    In stanza 3 (I believe this was the Volta), I felt that the women and the fox had a mans best friend relationship, you know like someone might have with a dog, you love them like you would a friend nothing more.
    Of course, after that it all went a-bit dirty, still I think I did better on this than I did the Romeo and Juliet questions.

    Yes I did

    dude same

    Will AQA allow a range of answers? I said she wanted the fox for a furcoat. Then i talked about other things like seduction, luring it and her having a foxy character.
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Updated: May 27, 2016
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