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Nursing Interview - how long for an answer?

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    Hi guys,

    I'm sorry if this question is quite common and people are sick of reading it, but I'm new to the site and was hoping somebody may be able to answer my question; if nothing else but to calm the obsession I've developed with checking my email incessantly to see if UCAS has sent me an email notifying me of a status update on my application!!!! No lie, it's out of control, all day, everyday. At first weekends were some kind of welcome respite until I read that decisions have come through at weekends for some students!

    So my question is: How long does it roughly take to get a decision after an interview for Adult Nursing? I realise there is no definitive answer as all unis vary but if people could kindly give me timescales from their own experience it will be helpful.

    Thank you in advance.

    Have you applied through clearing? As deadline for the universities to give you an offer was at the beginning of may?
    Universities will all differ, some people hear within weeks others wait months.
    It teaches you patience which is something you'll need if you're going to be doing nursing!

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    Thank you for the response, no I applied after the deadline so I think they can wait as long as July 15th to reply. I was trying to gauge whether a longer response is a positive/negative indifferent sign. it's not really about being too impatient to wait for an answer. Having a mortgage, job and child means my university options are very limited so obviously a stronger desire to land this place is more prominent, also the university is not sure whether they'll be offering a Sep 16 or mar 17 place. My daughter starts secondary school in Sep 16 and it will be a huge transition in our lives. The sooner I know gives me more time to plan and manage this stage in my life easier.

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Updated: May 25, 2016
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