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Degrees that can make big money in the long term and what job?

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    Anyone? Help a bro out.

    Medicine, law, engineering....

    economics if you want to strike rich

    Bin cleaner
    Jk. Medicine, Law, Engineering, Optometry, Radiography, Pharmacy, Biomed, Dentistry

    (Original post by Rep King)
    Anyone? Help a bro out.
    GIA GG
    you'll make £80,000 per year as a trainee and with the full course in the right setting can make you £250k per year and you can make far more if you go independent
    i know of a couple of brothers in hatton who i sell big stones to if something good comes my way they're 23 and 27 and make £1,500,000 a year take home each

    Medicine become a consultant and work in private hospitals

    Degrees don't make money - people do. Focus on being a well rounded, pleasant to work with person, who adds value to situations and you'll be successful in whatever you do. Bring to that difficult to achieve qualifications with high grades and you've got a combination of skills that could achieve financial rewards.

    Degrees don't really lead on to anything save for the professional careers of engineering, medicine, architecture.

    As for high paying jobs, here are some examples:
    - high tech (software engineering, product management, design etc)
    - high finance (IB, AM, VC, PE, HF, HFT/Algo Trading, S&T, ER, Quant stuff etc)
    - medicine (not exactly big money in the UK tbf; GPs, specialists etc)
    - corporate law (solicitor/barrister)
    - accounting
    - climbing the corporate career ladder
    - consulting
    - entrepreneurship
    - actuarial services
    - etc

    My advice is study what you're most interested in (i.e. you will NOT get through the admissions process for Med if you're solely interested in it for money), think about what skills you have and what subjects you're good at. It is imperative to find out where you fit and not to just blindly follow money.

    - Make a list of subject areas you're interested in
    - Do some research on the subject (topics you'll cover at uni, type of assessment, etc) {don't bother looking at average salary and all of that, it is useless and does not tell you how much you'll personally be making}
    - Hone down on a couple of choices
    - Stick to one choice or a combination of courses in the form of a joint honours


    - Get the best grades you can such that you have the option to apply to top unis (N.B. what uni you go to doesn't matter for medicine though)
    - Get involved with stuff outside of academics, start to think about building up a strong CV
    - Try to sample different careers by talking to people in the roles you're interested in at the moment. Maybe get some informal shadowing/work experience placements

    The reason I think choosing a course comes before choosing a career (again, excepting med/engineering/nursing etc here) is that your field of study for the most part doesn't matter for grad jobs.

    - There are cases where a more 'numerate' degree will be favoured over not as numerate degrees, for instance if you want to do algo trading/HFT/quant/data science stuff you're better off studying Maths/Physics/Computer Science/Engineering; same goes for software engineering I guess

    - Humanities degrees will keep the doors to high paying (non-quant) careers very much open, do not write them off

    - You don't need an undergrad law degree to do law

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    (Original post by Rep King)
    Anyone? Help a bro out.
    Latin literature with contemporary circus

    (Original post by *****pleasee)
    economics if you want to strike rich
    I can point to many an unemployed Economics graduate
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