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Is this male pattern baldness?

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    I am 18 turning 19, had depression, and also have a scalp and skin condition - dermatitis

    My dad and all my grandparents still have a set of hair btw

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    I am 18 turning 19, had depression, and also have a scalp and skin condition - dermatitis

    My dad and all my grandparents still have a set of hair btw
    I suggest you consult a doctor. There are various conditions that can cause hair loss. It is rather rare at your age so doctor seems like a good bet.

    Yes, it is MPB. The pattern is the receded parts forming the island of hair which will in time probably also thin. Unfortunately our treatmenta for MPB aren't great. Finasteride is about the only effective way to keep hair but it works by lowering a hormone which can help with sexual health (DHT)..so the risks of taking it need to be considered. Aside from that, Rogaine works for some people but is not that great at stopping balding on its own. Then there are hair transplants which are expensive and also not suitable for many people, especially those under about the age of 25. I would see a dermatologist if i were you anyway but you may have to accept that you will be bald at a young age. I would advise you to work on other areas of yourself...fitness, health etc...get in great shape because as well as helping you to be more attractive overall then it can help with depression etc.

    By the way...there is nothing wrong with male pattern baldness. It is natural and a masculine trait. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. The issue is that we live in a society which for some reason casts it in a negative light and people pick up on that/like to see it as a negative. Just remember that most people are idiots and be strong in who you are. Good luck.

    Yes, the clue is in the pattern of loss (look up "Norwood" for a diagram).
    There are things you can do and they work better the earlier you start- finasteride/dutasteride and minoxidil. Have realistic expectations though, they're really bad at re-growing hair but fairly good at helping you keep what you've got.

    Thebaldtruthtalk.com can help you overcome this difficult period in your life. You need to start ysing medication to save the hair u have left

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