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How was cie physics extended?

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    How did you find the exam ? Personally I found it very perplexing and difficult...

    The question I thought were of note were, in the multiple choice: the resultant force satellite question which should be 'B' going toward the Earth (I got wrong), and the voltage-current graph which was a trick question because in fact the lower gradient meant lower resistance so therefore the graph for a filament lamp was the one which levelled off.

    The ones in the main paper were: the last question on social, economic and environmental issues regarding storing long-half-life radioactive material (which I think might be: expensive containers, if it leaks it would take many years for the area to become safe again, and mutations, cancer or cell death of people radiation. Also the question on wires X and Y and their magnetic field was weird as you had to use the right hand corckscrew rule. Finally the one about the passenger compartment decelerating faster than the dummy in the car was odd, I'm still not sure what it was meant to be, anyone?

    What did people get for the resistance calculation at the end of the theory paper. Because I'm a bit unsure I calculated that 100% right
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Updated: May 25, 2016
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