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Exam help Tort sceanrio

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    Sian owns and manages Fieldside Boarding kennels for dogs. The kennels aresituated 2 miles from the nearest village, Longmarsh, on a quiet lane. The lane is 150metres from a B road which has a 60 mph speed limit and which is regularly used asa route into Longmarsh. The kennels have only one neighbour, Ashby’s farm.At Fieldside, the dogs are secured in kennels which lead into an exercise yard. Thekennels and yard open out onto the fields. All gates to each kennel are secured withbolts at the top and bottom which have to be manually operated. Sian lives on site andthe house and offices are surrounded by an 8-foot wall which has an electric wire ontop of it to prevent burglaries.One particular Saturday Sian forgot to lock the top bolt of the kennel of Beau, a youngRottweiler, although the bottom bolt was locked. Beau managed to open the bottombolt by knocking into the gate and nudging the bolt with his paw. This is the first timein 25 years of ownership that a dog has ever escaped.Di was driving to the kennels to collect her own dog, Bertie, when Beau dashed out infront of her car. Di was arguing with her daughter Eve at the time who was in the carwith her. Di swerved to avoid hitting Beau and drove into a ditch. Her car was writtenoff and she suffered whiplash. Eve was uninjured but her phone was smashed in thecrash

    Advise Sian ,Di and the daughter ? Does die owe the duty to daughter as a passenger

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Updated: May 26, 2016
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