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David Cameron says vote to leave is IMMORAL

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    (Original post by Peroxidation)
    You'd be surprised. Never forget the first basic law of human stupidity: "always and inevitably everyone underestimates the number of stupid individuals in circulation."
    I think it was Churchill who said "The biggest argument against democracy is spending 5 minutes with the average voter" lol

    (Original post by Studentus-anonymous)
    In the UK parliamentary system we elect the legislators whom pass our laws.

    In the EU we elect advisors to an advisory body with no legislative powers.

    In the UK the Prime Minister, by convention the leader of the governing party, is an elected MP of the House of Commons.

    In the EU the commission and the council of Europe are appointed, and hold legislative as well as executive primacy other EU affairs.

    Hope that helped.
    I'd lean more to remaining in if the EU myself, if it was a democratic institution, but if I may paraphrase the Americans, no legislation without representation.
    Thanks for the information, I appreciate it!

    Though does being part of a sort of political 'conglomerate' kinda stop *****y laws being imposed on us?
    - like for instance the loosening of our human rights which the current government was seeking (as sort of a moral action against those who are protected from further punishment by the legal system, but also reducing our rights more generally).

    Just trying to look at the other side of the coin too I suppose. I sort of like the idea that our government is kinda policed in some way, to make positive decisions.
    Not sure how much I trust the government to stand by the good of the people, and not in little ways pushing things which are favorable for them - or just outright lying about things they promise to do of which is part of the basis they are elected on.

    I don't know of any detrimental or negative decisions that have been imposed of us from the EU? - only really heard good things.

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    I don't think I really want to be taking my lessons on morality from someone who skull-****ed a dead pig.
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Updated: May 26, 2016
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