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Blunt Advice to guys - relationship tips

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    So u like a girl and things been going swimmingly for a week, month or however long u been talking. U may have been out with her or she may not be ready to meet u in person yet. Well whatever boat ur in here is my account based on experience and some tips to u fellow guys out there.
    Being too forward to start is a big turn off and lads, do not come across like this or she will be gone b4 u can even tell her how much u also like her fav tv show or band. Keep it simple to start, be genuine and honest. Show ur interest, dont make the convo entirely about u, no matter how many interesting things u have to say and tell her... it can wait!! Okay so i take it u have her number by now or fb or whatever means of talking while she isnt with u in person. Top tip, if u been thru a bad time with a girl b4, DO NOT let ur issues crop up again, youll lose her. I was guilty of this myself. Best advice for guys out there who may be worried she isnt interested or if she's talking to another guy, well turn off the 'last seen' on whats app so u dont get impatient or over analasye/read into the situation she may just be busy. Turn off 'read receipts' as well if ur that worried. DO NOT whatever u do, search for her fb, insta or whatever. Not until youve at least been out on a few dates. That way ur not gonna get connected to this girl if she is just gonna shrug u off after a few weeks/months. Likewise dont like her posts until ur both in some form of relationship, will save the pain at the end and the dwelling in misery when its over. In other words, be interested obvs, but keep it to one platform. She hasnt replied for 4 hours, oh well she aint interetsed!.... lads dont fall into this trap, she may be busy and at the end of the day ur not committed yet, her wifi may be down there are hundreds of reasons stay calm. She's online but not read my message. Lads again, she has other friends, she may be interested but she has a life. Dont overdo it or she's gone. But then again if she takes time, she may just not be that interested and u need to discuss this with her. Arguments - okay so this is a tricky one. everyone has disgareements but boy oh boy try ur best to not to with ur girl. Girls are moody people sometimes, just like us guys, and its alot easier for them to find another guy than it is for us guys to meet the 'girl of our dreams' again. - Enough said. She says she aint ready for a relationship just yet. - Well lads this ur call but my best advice is if she says ur only ever gonna be friends get the hell outta there. It sounds harsh but trust it will save u the pain. If she is genuinely interested but not ready stay by her side dont leave her. And as long as u dont eff-up the rest as mentioned above then all is good. If u start effing up, run before ur wrapped around her finger. Her mysterious powers will capture u lads, u will find it hard to leave but trust me, its the best thing u can do for urself. She's talking to other guys. - simple one to answer, ur not putting the effort in or ur losing her interest. Simple way of resurrecting her interest, be more interesting!!! If u cant.... well then run... saves the pain when she waves goodbye in a blunt message at the end.Her replies are blunt - she may not be interested lads, something u need to ask her, or this may just be how she is, dont get hung up on it if it is, get over it, thats how she is, if you cant handle it then she aint the girl for you!So there it is lads, some advice for u all. Some of the above ive learnt thru experience (unfortunately) and lost the girl as a result. Dont let it happen to u. My number 1 tip for u is to remember this:"a girl generally chooses who she dates, so she can find another guy pretty quick. A guys asks the girl and risks getting denied, therefore its alot harder for u to meet another girl u like so much- dont lose her"Any questions, comments or whatever leave below. I'll try and reply asap. good luck lads


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Updated: May 25, 2016
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