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Girl lost virginity

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    Do you feel being stretch when he penetrate you for the first time? Do you enjoy the stretch feeling?

    Why do I feel like this is a weird question? It's probably not.
    Firstly it's important to note that it's really different for everybody. For me, it really hurt...like a lot.
    It wasn't until my like 5th time that I actually began to 'enjoy the feeling'. It depends on how turned on you are, what you've got going on under your pants and how 'big' he is.
    The more relaxed you are with the person and the experience, the more likely it is that you'll enjoy yourself.

    (Original post by choycc)
    Do you feel being stretch when he penetrate you for the first time? Do you enjoy the stretch feeling?
    For me it hurt like hell but there were other factors involved there so don't worry about my experience.
    I've heard that it hurts somewhat for most people but isn't overly bad. I would suggest if you are thinking of your first time you make sure you/ he are well lubricated and you take it slow. Make sure you are relaxed and ready too. Tensing up can cause pain so try not to.There may be a small ammount of blood by the way so don't freak out if there is.

    Some people have no issues and even if they do it usually doesn't stop them being able to continue. Just relax and focus on the pleasure and any slight pain should fade out of your mind. If it does hurt though you can just stop and try again later.

    I immagine there are a good load of people who don't find it painful and enjoy the stretching and anything else. It depends on the person. I immagine if you are active in other ways it also makes it easier.

    You will be individual so don't focus too much on other peoples experiences.
    (I assumed you were asking because you are considering your first time so appologies if my assumption is wrong and my post somewhat irrelivant to you)

    There was some good advice the last time you asked about this here too...
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Updated: May 26, 2016
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