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What's your skincare routine / Which products do you use?

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    (Original post by yasminkattan)
    All the fancy, expensive stuff is a rip-off and not worth it at all in my opinion. They also tend to be harsh and full of chemicals so make my skin horrible anyway.

    Honey once every two days,
    Tea tree oil moisturiser morning and evening,
    Coconut oil and sugar scrub when I feel like I need it.
    I agree, I don't like to spend a lot of money on products for the same reason. I like using natural products which not only are better for your skin but not nearly as much money. I use Witch Hazel to cleanse and coconut oil to moisturize.

    I usually just use a make up wipe but sometimes if have a few spots then I will use my Cetaphil face foam wash for oily skin. Leaves my face feeling smooth as a baby

    -good things stay clear purifying cleanser (washing)
    -simple moisturiser (not sure of its actual name)

    -neutrogena visibly clear spot clearing face wash
    -good things deep clean blackhead exfoliator
    -simple toner (again don't know it's actual name)
    -simple moisturiser

    Once a week:
    -superdrug witch hazel clay mask

    I've always had pretty bad skin but because of exams I have a) stopped wearing makeup and b) started drinking a lot more water, both of which have been amazing for my skin! It is by no means good but it is a hell of a lot better than it was so I'm definitely going to keep it up
    Also a few months ago my skin type completely changed from really oily to really dry and now it's kind of regulated although I still get some dry patches. I'm just waiting for the day when I don't have to worry about my skin anymore!!

    Not got much of one - depends on how much I can be bothered.

    Always wash my face with some sort of foam, can't remember what it even is. Tea tree moisturiser most of the time. With hazel gel for spots (but it's doing nothing. I'm pretty much just applying it because I love the smell now...). Sometimes eye brightening cream (don't know what it does, exactly...), sometimes this Dead Sea face mask (which just brings out spots!) and sometimes pore gel. Basically it does NOTHING for my skin. I've got spots, more than ever now because I'm so stressed all the time, changing my diet does nothing, spot cream does nothing, even trying to lift my fringe from my forehead does nothing.

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Updated: May 28, 2016
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