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A2 Japanese 10/6/16

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    Hi everyone! I was wondering if there were any people on here also taking the A2 Japanese exam on 10th June.

    As I'm without a teacher, I've found it quite a challenge getting to know the A2 exam, although I think I'm beginning to memorise a few general points for my two texts Hana and Duke. I'm aiming for an A*, although it's all dependent on nailing those essays really- does anyone have any predictions on what sort of questions we'll have?

    Section A isn't usually such an issue, however frustratingly I always encounter at least one question which I'll fall short on! The translation section is also notoriously difficult, so practice is the very least one can do when it's hard to predict just what kind of topics it'll cover.

    Not this year, but I will be next year! It seems like everyone does the literature essays - I'm a little scared, since I'm planning on going with Japanese culture + the Japanese year. I'm sure you'll be really really great, though!

    I'm doing hana and tokkyo no shina as my main ones. My teacher made us study four though just in case the essay questions for the main ones are nasty, so I'm also doing chuumon ooi no ryouriten, and nazo no seinen.
    I agree with you on the translation. I feel that the most I can really do is cram vocab into my brain like crazy. I hope they go easy on us.
    I'm aiming for an A; an A* is a far-fetched dream for me.
    How are you with kanji?
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