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AQA AS English Literature B Prose and Poetry: Aspects of Tragedy // 26th May 2016

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    Who's sitting this exam tomorrow and have any ideas as to what may come up??

    (Original post by courtknxx)
    Who's sitting this exam tomorrow and have any ideas as to what may come up??
    My teacher said it's unlikely to be a character based question for the prose as both the Streetcar and Death of a salesman questions were character based and it's also unlikely to be about villains or victims. They seem to like statement questions where they ask if you agree or not. I'm doing Keats for poetry and it's unlikely that it'll be on Lamia as that was on the mock but the poem is so large they could just select a different extract.

    Just did the English exam I feel it went terribly here is what I put can you help me determine a mark out of 50 please English exam- paper 2How are villains seen as causing physical harm
    -villains use physical beauty -Isabella's brothers caused physical harm as they killed Lorenzo and they also killed Isabella by doing that
    - la belle- title of the poem shows she will cause harm
    -Uses of body parts to describe knight show physical harm and same with Isabella (used quotes
    - Talked about rhyme scheme and how it affects poem
    -Talked about extract and picked out quotes
    Gatsby-how does his obsession with Daisy cause his tragic isolation
    -obsession is his tragic flaw so it is going to cause his downfall in terms of tragedy
    -his obsession with time and wanting daisy to be how he was 5 years ago
    -He risks himself for love as he thinks by doing that she will love him
    -People could say that Tom or George caused his downfall but his obsession with daisy caused him to say he was driving and caused him to die
    - He got into bootlegging to try and get into a better class and got punished for it as Fitzgerald shows that the American Dream is unattainable as even when you've made it you're never completely happy Thanks so much really don't want to fail so worried I have failed
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