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Maths predicted paper !!!!

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    are the previous predicted papers normally right ,meaning are they normally similar to the real exam paper ...

    (Original post by chillygirl)
    are the previous predicted papers normally right ,meaning are they normally similar to the real exam paper ...
    They are always miles off.

    How can you predict a paper?

    It is nothing but a practice paper

    apparently these ar e predicted topics

    1. Histograms
    2. Cumulative Frequency – Box Plots
    3. Mean/ Median/ Mode etc
    4. Circle Theorems
    5. Similar Shapes – Enlargement
    6. Scale Diagrams
    7. Congruent Triangles – rules
    8. Algebra
    • Simultaneous Equations
    • Expand
    • Factorise
    • Quadratics
    • Substitute
    9. Probability
    • Including Tables and Tree Diagrams
    10. Standard Form
    11. Estimated Answers
    12. Proportion
    13. NthTerm
    14. Ratio
    15. Locus – including construction with ruler/ compass etc
    16. Stem and Leaf
    17. Four rules of number
    18. 3d Coordinates
    19. Fractions – including algebra
    20. Inequalities
    21. Index Notation – powers etc
    22. Graphs
    • Straight line y=mx+c
    • Quadratics
    • Inverse etc
    • Draw
    • Tabulate
    • Link equations to graphs
    23. Transformation
    • Rotation
    • Reflections
    • Translation
    • Enlargement
    24. Vectors
    25. Bearings
    26. Function Graphs
    27. Trigonometry Graphs – which do not require a calculator
    28. Rational / Irrational Numbers
    29. Recurring Decimals / Fractions
    30. Inequalities
    31. Surds
    32. Expressions  Area / Volume or Length.

    or maybe thats all the topics i have no idea to be honest
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