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How do I style out a Pass at Master's level? Hear me out..

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    I'm hoping to work in technology at Associate level in around 3 years time (investment bank/asset management/IG index etc.). I have completed a 2 month internship at an IB before, but didn't manage to get a graduate job. I'm now working as a developer for American Express (credit cards).

    I graduated with a bachelors in Comp. Sci & Physics (2:1). This year I will graduate with a masters in Financial Engineering. So these are the classification boundaries given by my university:

    Distinction: 70%+ average across all modules & project; no fails (i.e. <50%); no retakes.
    Merit: 60%+ average across all modules & project; no fails (i.e. <50%).
    Pass: 50%+ average across all modules & project; 2 modules can be 40-49%.

    Having already sat my exams, and picking a master's project which is perfect for my skillset (essentially a risk/trading app) - I will for sure finish with a 70-80% average. However, I'm pretty sure that I 40-49%'d one module - which means I'm not eligible for a Meritor Distinction. There are no summer retakes; I would have to wait next year to retake an exam for a Merit.

    This is where the dilemma is. Do I retake an exam next year (capped at 50%) for a Merit, and have to write 2015-2017 on my CV (aka obvious retake)? Or do I accept my fate and walk out with a Pass?

    Need some suggestions basically. I feel like I'm getting ripped off for putting all the work and sweat in for a ~75% average just to come out with the lowest grade possible, lol. I didn't take this masters to show-off academics, but if a Pass is seen as the equivalent of a 2:2 then I have really shot myself in the foot. With such a high average, is there any way I can style this out on the CV?

    (Original post by Jonny Bones)
    2015-16 University Name, MA Financial Engineering
    2012-15 University Name, Computer Science and Physics (2.1)

    Don't over think things!
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Updated: May 29, 2016
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