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Teach Me How To Sell Things!

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    I've got loads of stuff that I'd like to try selling online: faulty tablets/iPods/consoles for scrap or repair, games, etc. I want to start listing them on sites such as eBay or Amazon because other websites are rubbish (e.g. MusicMagpie offering like £1 for a smartphone that has barely been used).

    The problem is, I have no idea when it comes to preparing and posting packages.
    Say for example I was selling an xbox: how the monkey do I wrap that up and send it? The whole 'taking things to the post office/ requesting a courier' stuff confuses me.

    Can anyone give the lowdown on this stuff?!

    hope this info is useful

    How to sell online
    Watch video
    Three simple steps to selling 1. List it Describe your item and add photos
    Start by simply telling us what you're selling. Then add up to 12 free photos.

    Watch a video on writing effective, detailed listings.

    Watch a video on taking great product photos.
    Choose your price and shipping option
    Choose the fixed price listing format when you know the market value for your item. Use the auction-style listing format for special or unique items, or when you don’t know the value of the item. The quick listing tool suggests popular pricing and shipping options for similar items.
    Watch a video on choosing competitive online pricing.

    Offer the shipping option that works best for you
    USPS Flat Rate boxes and envelopes are easy. Order them for free now and save time. eBay has everything you need at a great price. You can even schedule at-home pickups and skip a trip to the post office. Want another way to ship? You can offer multiple shipping options at checkout, too.

    Watch a video on shipping basics.
    List your item for FREE.*
    As soon as you click "List it," your item is visible to millions of buyers. It's that simple.
    2. Ship it Confirm that you received payment
    Once your item has sold, and you have been notified that the buyer has paid, pack your item safely and ship it. Learn more about sending items to your buyers Use My eBay to create and print shipping labels
    Pay for postage and print shipping labels that are auto-filled with your buyer's information from My eBay.

    Watch a video on using eBay labels effectively to ship from home.
    Leave positive feedback
    Be sure to leave positive feedback for your buyer as soon as payment is confirmed. This makes buyers happy and keeps them coming back.
    Send the item to your buyer
    We work with all major carriers for simple shipping with guaranteed great rates.

    Get shipping supplies ahead of time on My eBay, like padded envelopes, packing materials, tape, and FREE USPS boxes. This way, you can package and ship your item as soon as it sells. Order shipping supplies from eBay.
    3. Get paid The fastest way to get paid
    To ensure quick payment, use eBay shipping labels and collect payments with PayPal. Payment times vary and some new sellers experience slight delays, so be sure to do the following:
    Get more tips to get paid fast
    Follow these other eBay tips to help get paid more quickly. Get more tips.
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Updated: May 26, 2016
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