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Sikh-Muslim marriage

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    (Original post by Haydar1234)
    Yeah, but them tributary rivers all have different patterns of meanders and dams that block the tributary from joining the main river.
    And I'm not saying that all religions follow the same traditions and lifestyle. But personally I do believe it is possible to overcome the differences in marriage.

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    Is it very common in areas with a lot of Sikhs, like the West Midlands and London?

    Where I am living there are very few Sikhs and a lot of Muslims, and I am Sikh guy that is currently hoping to marry a Muslim girl in my University.

    I have mentioned it to quite a few friends, and none of my Sikh friends spoke against it. Some said, 'It would be more simple to marry someone in the same religion, however I don't have anything against what you want to do.' To be honest most of my Sikh friends are very liberal in their views.

    The problem is a handful(not most) of my Muslim friends are literally objecting to it. They are saying things like, 'This is an act against God.', and 'You're going to be ruining someone's life.' and telling me that I simply can't proceed with this.

    I honestly don't see what's wrong with it. My parents are also fine with it. But I don't know what to do now.
    The Islamanazi's will be on your case. Be careful.
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    (Original post by theunitedGOAT)
    The Islamanazi's will be on your case. Be careful.
    And that has already happened. I don't see why they want to impose these matters on others. I personally don't hold anything against what they believe or if they do not want to participate in inter-faith marriage themselves, but I don't see the need to impose their values on others.
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    (Original post by Anonymous)
    My parents were in your situation, but reversed. I think the main issue is that its against both religions strictly speaking, but its up to you if you observe that. It depends how seriously you take your religion. A major reason for some objecting would be the matter of raising your children in a faith; obviously as a sikh or muslim. People say both but take it from someone whose experienced it, thats not possible. They contradict each other, so you cant really be two fully. In islam, you can marry people who follow the ibrahimic books, which are essentially books that teach the same concept: the Bible, the Torah and the Quran. Muslims can marry christians and jews too.
    I guess in summary it depends on your views. If you're sure you wont conflict, it works. Is she very religious?
    And did any of your parents convert to get married?

    she aint a muslim were not allowed to date each other and she dating u, i think shes a prending to be one to fit me mate
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