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Last min rev aqa gcse englsih lit poems original ideas

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    Let's play a game where we bounce ideas of each other..
    All you do it...
    1. Name the poem
    2. Get a short quote that you have an original idea for
    3. Give the point you are trying to convey and explain your point thoroughly

    I'll start...
    1. Flag
    2. 'piece of cloth' ... 'will outlive the blood you bleed'
    3. The use of the imperative 'will' emphasises the destructive power of patriotism. This is because blood is often invokes ideas of war and pain and questions the reader on the pointlessness of war. With ideas of the flag being permanent, the readers are forced to think about how temporary there lives are. This is further emphasised through the blunt sound in the use of alliteration, 'blood you bleed'- which links into the violence patriotism can hold as the color red , conveys danger.


    1. Sonnet 116 (Relationships cluster)
    2. "Is the star to"
    3. Is a metaphor based on natural foundations. The quote conveys the idea that love is natural, never ending and is all around. This presents the idea that love is apart of the natural world. "Stars" connotate to bright light, and this suggest that love is pure, special and a special connection. It could also mean that love is eternal, as people at the time the play was written believed that stars were ever lasting.
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Updated: May 26, 2016
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