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Massive Computer Error (Need Help ASAP)

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    Okay, so I was just on my computer about to update a game. I clicked on the update news then out of nowhere my headset started blasting out what sounded to be Indian advertisements? I closed absolutely everything down even back to the desktop but it kept playing. 20 seconds later it stopped and then a large orange box popped up on the screen. I was scared of what was happening to my expensive computer so I shut it down straight away. The only thing I remember it saying is something to do with Javascript error and wormhole.

    Tried to Google for answers but nothing. I need help soon as possible, I dont want my computer to be ****ed D-:

    Switch it on, do a thorough virus scan with a competent antivirus. It's fine.

    There's another method that gets most stuff although the ultimate method is backing things up regularly especially with differential backups.

    Alternative (comes with no warranty, you break it you pay for it):

    Go to friend's computer or cybercafe. Get blank DVD or USB stick. Download something like Ubuntu live cd.

    Find someone good at computers to help you if you can. Live boot the system from the USB stick into the live OS.

    Mount your laptops HDD. Use the find command to find recently modified files, also run clamav over it. If you Google around you might find some better offline anti virus CDs. An alternative is to plug the HDD into another machine and don't boot from it, but to us the OS on the other machine to scan for viruses on the HDD. A USB enclosure is good for this.

    Chances are some of the recently modified files will hold the intrusion. Only get an expert to scrutinize and quarantine.

    sysinternals autoruns is also useful for removing junk.

    Personally when I see someone say turn on a possibly compromised machine I cringe but to be fair few people have the skill to do anything else.

    I am somewhat skeptical though that anything untoward was really going on in this case.
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