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How to revise 15 poems in under 2 hours? (AQA English Literature, Unit 2)

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    For my mock, I just improvised in the heat of the moment and got a B on Poetry.


    Just write this over and over ... | Chat sh*t get banged - Jamie Vardy

    Go to Mr.Bruff on youtube, and go to his playlists. I'm pretty sure he has videos on each poem from each poetry cluster

    Our teacher gave us the ASIF structure
    other Features

    I'm using a big piece of paper and just writing short quotes and annotations for Imagery and Features then explaining the effect of Structure on each, e.g.

    Sister Maude:

    A: Speaker expresses her hatred, disbelief and sense of betrayal, condemning her sister to hell.
    S: Regular rhyme scheme reflects continuous and obsessive outrage as it builds to a climax.
    I: Alliterative oxymoron 'comeliest corpse' reflects unnatural nature of speaker's lover's death- creates pathos.
    Contrasting religious imagery used to juxtapose speaker's idealistic views on her parents and her hatred of her sister.
    F: Anaphora of 'who told' and rhetorical questions reflect speaker's sense of disbelief.
    Triad of sinister verbs 'lurked to spy and peer' present Maude as evil and untrustworthy.

    I spend 5 to 10 minutes maximum on each just to get an idea of key features. I am planning on structuring my paragraphs using these headings or topics.

    Sing them from now till your exam. - Don't stop. Everywhere, just sing poetry.

    Assuming that you're finding it difficult to just sit down and memorise systematically then play a game with yourself instead:

    If a family member talks to you, respond to whatever they're asking by reciting one of the poems. It'll be entertaining which will possibly make it easier for you to memorise. You can't say the same poem to the same family member more than once though. And you're not allowed to talk in English.- Just poetry language. It'll be really easy once you get into it bc I'm sure someone in your household will say lots more than 15 phrases to you in the next hour, meaning you'll have lots of opportunities. You can do it. Go go go.

    Read all the poems then i'd suggest you pick out words from each poem that really strike you as interesting and words you can really work around on, by picking up on those words pre-hand; youu can look up deeper meanings and such. Look at social context for each poem and you have to be completely sure about what the poem is about so when it comes to comparing poems, you would know which to compare it to.
    Spend more time on the longer and more complexed poems and try and depict its meanings.

    120 / 15 = 8. So you have 8 minutes for each poem

    Step 1: Get off TSR
    Step 2: Annotate the surface of the poem really quickly
    Step 3: Spend a few minutes looking at the deeper meaning and poetic techniques, maybe even write some very condensed notes.
    Step 4: Good luck.

    I actually reckon this exam may be quite tricky.. as an examiner.. AQA have been the worst board by far at present with their exams. Anyone take the Business exam yesterday? Worded awfully.
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