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How do you approach girls at a part(16 years old)?

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    Im not extremely confident with chatting with girls mainly due to the introduction- how i start the conversation. How do you start a conversation or what about?

    The real culprits of diminished confidence are overthinking, and overly high expectations towards talking with a female.

    Thinking about the consequences when things skew off, or what she thinks of you are absolutely absurd. You're trying to spark up a conversation. Its so simple. Just say 'Hi'. And if it becomes a flop, oh well. At least you tried. In fact...

    Approaching her with the expectations of "I just did something for her, she owes something back" are also absurd, and grossly objectifies the female. Just start out as friends, ask how has her day been, and if she wants to go further later, then good for you. If not, you've still got a friend.

    Talk about something you know the both of you have in common for example if you both go to the same school about the exams you have just take or how you are going to spend your summer.
    Don't be shy when talking to a girl, try just being nice and not too advanced at first.
    Talk to her a few times and just get to know her before trying to advance the relationship. Make sure you and the girl have similar interests and can be comfortable with one another.

    Just go up to her and maybe start by saying "hi" or make a comment about the situation you are both in for example the class ur both in, or maybe ask for homework or to borrow a pen idk something like that or even a compliment goes a long way. All you need is a few moments of courage to say something simple to get a convo going. I'm not an expert but I know if a guy come up to me and said something I'd try to carry the convo, for example if he said "hi" I'd say "hey, hru?" And that simple bit of courage you had to say hi would maybe lead to finding more about each other and common interests😊 Hope this kinda helped 😉
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