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Consequences if resitting exam on rank?

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    Hi all,

    First year medic, worried about final exams like many of you!
    I just wanted to know if I were to fail an exam and resit it in Summer (and pass) does this carry a permanent effect in my rank throughout medical school. The reason is I heard a junior doctor mentioned becuase he resat jn first year (not sure if he meant an exam or resat the whole year) he had points automatically taken off at the end.

    Probably depends on your medical school. I can't imagine you would specifically have marks "taken off" just for failing an exam. However, if the exam you failed contributes towards your EPM score, then it will have an impact. It's not really the "failure" itself that is the issue, it's just that if you fail, you'll have gotten low marks, so other people in your year will be picking up more points for their EPM. One first year exam is unlikely to matter much though.

    The act of failing a first attempt is likely to put you in a low decile for that year. If that year counts towards the overall decile (EPM) that your medical school generates, then yes, it will affect your overall ranking. It's not the act of resitting, though, it's the act of finishing in a low year rank.

    Also keep in mind that by the time you graduate there may be a very different system in place (lots of talk of a nationalised exam piloting at some point over the next couple of years), so it could be irrelevant. Either way, it's obviously wise to just do your best.

    Each medical school is free to determine its own system to determine decile rankings. You would need to ask your medical school whether or not exam failure in year 1 will contribute to your final rank. Also Kinkerz is right that this nonsense changes every year. Your medical school is likely to change its ranking algorithm and there are likely to be national changes as well.

    I would worry about exams to ensure you don't have to go through the hassle of resits +/- worry of not passing the course overall. Decile ranking should be very far down your list of worries.
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