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Feel like I've really ****ed up my whole degree as I can't pick a project :/

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    Basically, I'm doing NatSci, there were no requirements regarding modules other than we needed to pick at least 3 from any two fields (physics, chemistry, comp. sci etc) by the end of the degree.

    A combination of indecisiveness and bad choices has landed me in a dire situation where I feel that I've not specialized an anything at all! There is a potential project in chemistry I could do, but I've been told that in order to do well on in, ie 70s/80s, I'd really need to touch on the physical chemistry side of things, which I haven't done my whole time at uni really. Another problem with that is my lack of physical chemistry is keeping me off any of the final year chemistry modules that would compliment a chemistry project!

    I have a very basic knowledge of electronics and programming, so I don't feel that I could pull off a comp. sci. related project.

    My only other options would be environmental sciences, which I find really boring (hence why I never picked any of these modules after first year).

    I feel that I've totally botched my whole degree, just a couple of months ago I was on track for a high first, but feel that I'll struggle to get a 2:1 at this rate!

    Any advice is appreciated,though I doubt there are many out there stupid enough to get themselves into this situation.
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Updated: May 27, 2016
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