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What's the difference between artificial passive and artificial active [Immunity] ??

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    I mean an example for both of these are vaccination so what's the difference between them?

    Artificial active is when antigens are introduced by a vaccination which illicit an immune response by the body.

    Passive is where antibodies that were produced by another organism are directly introduced to the blood by vaccination, which are ready for any antigenic infection.

    Artificial immunity - Passive = immunity provided by injection of antibodies made by another individual.
    Artificial immunity - Active = Immunity provided by antibodies made in the immune system as a result of vaccination. Person is injected with weakened/dead pathogen and this activates the immune system.
    in terms of Natural - Passive = antibodies provided via placenta or breast milk. This makes the baby immune to diseases that the mother is also immune to. It is very useful in the babies first year of life, when the immune system is developing.
    Natural - Active = Immunity provided by antibodies made as a result of actual infection. A person will suffer from the disease once and then is immune e.g. immunity to chicken pox.
    Hope this helps

    Artificial/Natural compares medical intervention vs. natural biological proceses
    Active/Passive compares whether the immune system is activated or not
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