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Core or extended mathematics

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    Hello all,

    I just started in January of this year working towards a Bachelor's degree in Engineering through Open University.

    I'm about to have to choose between maths classes to take, either core or extended. What is the difference between the two, an how will each choose affect the end result of my degree? Is one better to take than the other?

    Thanks for your help

    There's a pretty detailed look at the two maths from the BEng perspective here:

    It even includes a downloadable flowchart!

    There appears to be a completely different approach to the new BEng going forward. T192, T193, and the as-yet-unreleased T194 will teach maths alongside other concepts, rather than a prerequisite grounding course first. When you're all done with these, then you move on to T176 to finish Stage 1.

    I believe that Core is MU123 followed by MST124, and that Extended is MST124 followed by MST125, but I can't really verify that, as the Q65 course no longer has the path you're on listed. If that's the case, you can look up the individual modules, or take the diagnostic quizes to see what you're in for.

    A lot of the named Open degrees have the same choice as the first-half of the old Core or Extended maths route, just MU123 or MST124. I breezed through the MU123 diagnostic quiz. For the MST124, though, I slogged through half of it with 100%, then decided I just couldn't be bothered to struggle with my half-remembered rules and formulas, and realised that for my degree, it makes absolutely no difference which maths I take.

    The page I linked to recommends the Extended route if you plan on doing the Mathematical Method path in Stages 2 and 3.
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