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Interviewers insulted my LinkedIn profile

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    I had an interview where my interviews openly admitted to looking at my LinkedIn profile and noticing how "bland" and "basic" it is, and that how staff at their company all have full and up-to-date profiles. Yet I'm not even a graduate so there's only so much I can put on there.. So I'm not exactly gonna have a CV like a CEO

    What exactly was the point they were trying to make? That I am underqualified and I won't get the job? (I didn't get the job) I tried to rescue the situation by saying that through the experience and finishing my degree, I will be updating it but I don't think they liked that answer.

    Were they right in saying something like that? I've been to quite a few interviews and never had something like that happen before.

    you're going to them for a job, they can tell you how they feel, I myself wouldn't judge someone by their on line profile..

    Having a LinkedIn profile like that doesn't really benefit you. The whole idea is to make you seem like a good person to network with. If, as they stated, your profile is "bland and boring" then people won't want to network with you.

    You don't actually do yourself any favours with your profile. Maybe it didn't sounds particularly nice because they were so upfront about it. But it's perfectly reasonable to assume your LinkedIn profile (as well as Facebook, Twitter, even TSR profiles) or any other sort of online profile is fair game for them to use as research. If that profile doesn't paint you in a good light then it does more harm than good. If you don't have anything on your LinkedIn profile to make you stand out then you can't really expect an interviewer not to bring that up.

    Of course it depends on the job and company. Not all companies will look into you. But you can't control that. If you've got a profile that's public enough for a potential employer to view then you need to do everything you can to ensure if looks good. Because they might look at it. And it might be the difference between getting the job and leaving empty handed.

    It's also worth noting that bland and basic vs full and up to date profiles doesn't really have much to do with you being a graduate. Yes you won't have a substantial range of things to add but that doesn't mean you can't add things elsewhere. If you can't add work experience, add things that demonstrate similar skills. Being a graduate shouldn't mean there's nothing to write about.

    (Original post by UWS)
    They gave you some useful feedback on your LinkedIn profile a) employers do check them and b) yours isn't impressing.

    Try and keep your profile much like a CV, but make sure you include an interesting interests section, try and look well rounded and ready to join a professional environment.

    Listen to what they said. They were prob also seeing how you manage under pressure. Learn.

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Updated: June 2, 2016
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