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How to learn the Bulgarian Langauge?

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    Hello, does anyone have some tips on language learning in general and on learning Bulgarian. Has any of you done it ?

    I will offer 3 tips.
    1. Know why you want to learn the language and focus your efforts accordingly. If, for example, your goal is to do something interesting and meet new people in your target language then focus on speaking, listening and quickly acquiring basic vocabulary. If, however, you are thinking of living overseas and want a more solid grip on the language then ensure you master its grammar etc.
    2. 'Repetition is the royal road to learning'. Whatever your goal, ensure that you build in a lot of repetition into your learning/practice. That could mean, for example, reciting songs in your target language to internalise its sound patterns; or writing out the letters of the new alphabet you may be learning.
    3. I am learning greek at the moment and this is the first language I've learnt with a non-roman alphabet. You may be similarly placed with bulgarian. Here's what to do:-
    a. Every day set aside time to write out, first with a guide and then from memory, the letters of the alphabet in upper and lower case.
    b. Then do likewise with the bulgarian words for the letters. For example, in greek the first letter, A, is 'alpha'- άλφα.
    c. Learn the vowels/consonants. Read them, listen to good native speakers pronounce them slowly, then have a go saying them- preferably with feedback from a native speaker.
    d. Keep a note of sounds you find difficult to make. Break the word down and practise making the sounds correctly.
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