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AQA English Literature (Relationships) - who did the 'Brothers' question?!

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    Who did the question about 'Brothers' as opposed to 'To His Coy Mistress', and what did you compare it too?!

    (I compared with 'Nettles')

    I compared it to Quickdraw. I said that 'Brothers' was a sacred moment remembered by silly things such as the ridiculous shirt he wore that is what keeps memories alive and I said that Quickdraw and brothers both have a climax in the moment in Brothers it was the guy forgetting his bus pass and in Quickrdraw it was the piercing of the heart. I think I did well I guess.

    Me! I compared it with The Manhunt. I honestly don't like To His Coy Mistress and was looking forward to In Paris With You to come up. So I did Brothers instead. These were my points:
    - compared the titles, Brother suggests a strong bond and hence the poet suggests that significant moments are best shared with those you have a strong bond with. In contrast, the title The Manhunt suggests distance and by doing this the poet is suggesting that significant moments are best shared together rather than alone.
    - both the poems suggest that significant moments are vital and valuable. The Manhunt showcases that through small moments, you can make a lot of progression, then i analysed the imagery. Brothers suggests that some moments can be life changing and I analysed and explored the last line.
    - Structurally, Brothers practically lacks rhyme and hence conveys that the situation is rather ordinary and therefore significant moments do not need to be grand and big, but in fact its the small things that we share, are in fact important. In contrast, The Manhunt has rhyming couplets suggesting that best memories are shared as a couple and the use of half-rhyme suggests that moments shared are important in a relationship cause through difficult times, it perhaps helps you understand why the relationship is worth keeping and fighting for. Also, the repetition of 'only then' kinda slows down the whole progression; this could suggest that moments together shared, slow down time and time in fact lasts forever but also, significant moments can be over a period of time.

    I didn't get a conclusion done so I was gutted but I just hope I've done enough considering the fact Monday's paper for me didn't go too well.

    I did 'Brothers' and 'Harmonium'. I spoke about the misleading titles suggesting positive relations, only to then be poems about a growing distance. I also spoke about sibilance and analysed a few quotations.

    (Original post by RinDhillon)
    I did 'Brothers' and 'Harmonium'. I spoke about the misleading titles suggesting positive relations, only to then be poems about a growing distance. I also spoke about sibilance and analysed a few quotations.
    same lol
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Updated: May 27, 2016
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