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Dont know what to do anymore

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    (Original post by Anonymous)
    So i was supposed to go to my prom today which i have already payed for however my parents say i cant go now. My dad signed the letter during march. they said i cant go because its too late for my dad to collect me even though i offered to come back by myself but apparently im just a kid. so now i will never see some people again and will look like an idiot to my friends. the reason my father cant pick me up is that he is on a dialysis machine and he needs to be on it that time of night, i havent even told my friends about my dad's kidney problems yet, hes been on it for like 3 months now. reasonable for my father to not be able to pick me up however i dont understand why they tink its dangerous for me to come home from school at 12;00. i really wanted to go and there was this girl i wanted to take pictures with. my parents always make false promises to me. they made my oldest sister live with me for 10 months, house was crowded and it was extremely annoying and stressful, ive been working so hard for these exams and thought in return that i could pay it off with prom,. but no. so now i will no longer need to go tuition (was terrible tuition)anyway. i will leave the house as soon im 18 and have a job so i can afford a apartment. ill hold this against them for the rest of my life now. i know it sounds stupid but it feels like they have ruined my life. they don t understand how much it means to me since ill never be able to see some of my friends again. now my im gonna miss out.
    Is there no one else that could get you at 12? A friends mum/dad/sibling? What about your older sister? Why dont you arrange to sleep over at your friends house? Last year my parents couldnt get me from my prom and it was too late for me to get the bus home apparently, so i went home with my friend in her dads car

    I hope everything works out for you:goodluck::heart:
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    close the thread. the prom ended on friday

    Get an uber or get a friend to drop you off.

    you could be doing much much worse then walking home at midnight at the age of 17.
    they should let you. (please respect the fact your dad has a very serious medical condition though)

    Your friends have mobile phones, do they not? If they really cared about you, they would meet up with you after school has ended. If you truly believe this is the last time you will see them, they're not worth it.
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Updated: May 29, 2016
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