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Anyone know what Glassyard accomodation is like?

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    I've read there were problems with the heating and location so I'm a bit sceptical about going there although it seems good from the pictures.

    Apart from the lcation, there is nothing good about this building. I had been living here for more than a year and whilst at first everything seemed fine, towards the end (now) everything started to break down.

    I am writing this in the midst of a power outage.

    The elevators seem to always have some issues.

    For a whole weekend we had to deal with either no water, or very little due to lack of pressure.

    The washing machines are too expensive and seem to not do their job (the washing part leaves your clothes smelly, and the dryer does not dry them properly, and this is for £4.1 per cycle)

    The management is constantly changing and it seemes like they themselves have no idea what is happening/ they don't have a grip of things around here

    The onsite maintenance is very slow in processing your issue

    Overall, I would highly recommend you avoid this building if you want to save yourself the nerves of dealing with them
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    Ah that's not reassuring, thanks for the response though, I've already got my place so I don't have much choice now. How often do these kinds of issues happen an could you tell me what the internet is like?
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