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IR- Oxford or Cambridge?

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    I've been accepted to both Oxford and Cambridge's M.Phil. in International Relations and Politics, but am having trouble choosing which one to pick.

    I have some money saved up, so with Cambridge I'd have to take out $20k in loans and with Oxford I'd have to take out $50k in loans. Cambridge is one year and Oxford is two, but Oxford has a more prestigious program and has a professor who specializes in my sub-field of international arbitration.

    I want to either do a JD or PhD afterwards, so I am afraid of getting into too much debt with the Oxford program to be able to afford a top law school. So, I'm leaning towards the Cambridge program but have been extremely indecisive. Any thoughts?

    My long-term goal is to help form/influence public policy on a high level.

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    Have you had a good look at the Lauterpacht Centre at Cambridge? The history of the evolution of IR departments in particular means that Oxford has tended to put all IR and associated academics into one single department, whereas Cam has a very small core staff in POLIS but draws people in from a much wider range of departments and institutions across and outside Cam. So when comparing departments, Cambridge looks much smaller and less full of 'stars' than Oxford, but in fact you can be supervised very easily in History, Economics, Law, Lauterpacht etc at Cam. Several people when I was doing my PhD in Cam, were supervised by academics at LSE etc. So do check out the associated academic departments at Cam to see if there are people there working in your sort of areas - the Lauterpacht might be a starting point.

    The dilemma everyone holding both offers has is the slightly higher prestige from Oxford v the single year at Cambridge.

    I'm not sure if you can track down any alumni and ask them for opinions - LinkedIn?
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