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best way to call companies asking for experience over summer?

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    i am currently part of a scheme that you get paid over summer to to do an internship. The vacancies advertised by the scheme are really competitive so they also said it was possible to go to smaller companies and ask for experience also. Upon them recieving details of conformation you will still get paid

    I just wanted to ask is it best to call them up?

    As they are not typically openly offering internships any guidance on what i would say?

    thanks in advance

    Just email them, say what you can offer to the company and what you're hoping to get from them, and attach your CV. I wouldn't phone them as that's quite inconvenient for them.

    from experience i would say its best to either call them or visit them personally. most companies don't pay attention to emails and might treat them as spam. just call or visit and be direct and simply ask if they offer any internships or work experience and if so how you would apply for it

    I emailed companies for my work experience (not engineering but still) because:
    a) it's less awkward than phoning and reaching a confused secretary who doesn't know how to handle your request so you just end up being redirected to different departments and spending time on hold
    b) it's easier since you can just create a template and alter the name and company before sending it off

    good luck finding your work experience

    The short answer is: phone them up and ask.

    The elaborate: a phone call is better than an email for this purpose as emails are often treated as spam, they might forget about it, etc. Whereas if you at least make a phone call then they will know you at least somewhat better. After the call, follow up with an email with your CV attached.

    Also try and contact the right people. Use LinkedIn (you don't have to have an account to check profiles) to check for engineering managers or team leaders to contact.
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Updated: May 28, 2016
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