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History or Law degree?

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    Hello everyone,
    I am just really confused as to whether I should do a History or Law degree? It's not a matter of which profession I want to go into, as I'm just going to university to study a subject that i enjoy for three years, have the experience of university, then I'll be joining my dads business. I enjoy history so much as one of my A Levels, and I find it so interesting! I think that I could do really well studying it at a higher level. But then, Law I also find equally interesting. I competed in national bar completion with my college, and we came first! I've been reading some really interesting legal books as well, which has sparked my interest. I just don't know which one I should apply to though! I feel like it would be easier for me to get into History as Law has so many applicants and higher entry requirements, but then again the prestige of Law degree really appeals to me. If anyone could give some advice I would really appreciate it. Thanks a lot

    i would just say, and i iknow youll hear this a lot, but you should do whatever you prefer, regardless about your later plans. after a normal degree as opposed to a LLB you only need to do a one year conversion anyway.

    its nice saying you do law at uni for the prestige but that wont help you when youre revising during your exams and doing all nighters! really dont let it affect your decision

    do what you prefer and youll be equally fine, its a long video but a justice of the supreme court, lord sumption debated this at the cambridge student union (he was a historian academic before he became a barrister, then supreme court justice) and its well worth a watch,

    good luck
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