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Spending Alot of Time With Partner... Advice/Thoughts

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    Can spending alot of time with your partner ruin the relationship or make it stronger?

    It can go either way, I think.

    Even if you do enjoy spending nearly 24/7 together, its essential to still have 'me time' and that can anything from going out with friends without your partner, going for a bath alone or just keeping up with hobbies. You have to have that time in my opinion. This might sound weird but its also nice to miss your partner occasionally as well. It shows that you have something to lose and the love is still there and you can only feel that if you are apart - whether its for a few hours, a few days, weeks or months.

    Whether spending a lot of time together makes or breaks a relationship depends on the couple. Spending a lot of time together works well for me and my bf because we were best friends before we started dating so were used to being around each other a lot and we have similar interests and the same sense of humour so we get on well spending lots of time together but that's not to say that sometimes it does get too much and I go and do my own thing for a little while. You need a balance of your own time and time together.

    I d argue that spending time together makes you stronger to a limit (it's nice to have a little me time once in a while), if you feel it's ruining it then maybe you re not meant to be.

    The essence of appreciation lies in knowing that you could live agreeably without them, yet choosing not to. The essence of respect lies in knowing that they could live agreeably without you, yet have chosen not to.

    Consequently, a relationship where either party becomes too dependent to reasonably re-evaluate, re-affirm and renew their choice in the matter, is liable to develop morbid and dysfunctional characteristics.
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    Thanks for Advice/Thoughts
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Updated: May 28, 2016
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