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Are employers allowed to do this? PLEASE help!!

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    This may be long, but i would really appreciate some help!

    I'm 23, graduated from uni and have been at my current job 8 months.

    I have always loved my MD but hated the job as i was given crappy tasks to do no one else wanted to do (he knows this) and I have asked to move departments to more of an admin role which I was happy with. The previous role was with very *****y girls and I hated it. So the past two weeks I have trialled the role and I've done really well, fit in well with everyone so it was a no brainer to move over really.

    Previously I was working 8.30-5 Monday - Friday and got £14,500 a year however the new role was 8.00-5 Monday - Friday and I had two work 2 weekends a month with that.

    Everyone on that team gets £16,000 however it was then said by the MD that my pay would remain the same for 3 months of probation but they still expect me to do extra hours and weekends. He mentioned that pay reviews are given annually and I haven't been there 6 months (clearly he forgot how long id been there)

    To me, I don't see this as fair at all! They are so understaffed and have recently just hired someone new the same week for the same role on £16,00

    Is this fair or even legal? The directors of the company are so big headed and its clear that people are just underpaid and if your not up there with the managers they treat you like crap!

    I'm willing to go back and compromise (not doing weekends but still starting at 8) but wanted some advice!

    16,000 a month? I wouldn't be complaining with that cash if I was you.

    (Original post by lilyxx)
    What does your contract say about amount of hours per week? How does this tally up with the amount you're doing?

    Your company cannot discriminate against you on pay, however it's almost impossible to prove. Plus; You accepted the job at the pay in your contract.. what others earn should be irrelevant,

    No offence, but for £14.5k I'd not bother sticking with a company I wasn't happy with. You can earn easily just as much elsewhere.
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Updated: May 29, 2016
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