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ethics question help!!!

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    really need help on this ethics question please

    don't want an answer, just need pointing in right direction

    Clementine and Winston have two children (aged twelve and four). Winston has moved out ofthe family home to live with his new partner, with whom he has been having anaffair. Many of his possessions remain in the house, including his collectionof vintage rock memorabilia, and he has not been able to collect these effectsbecause Clementine has changed the locks. In response, Winston has withdrawnthe bulk of the balance from the joint current account he shared withClementine, leaving her with very little access to money.Clementinedecides to instruct Eden, a Solicitor, to apply for a divorce. In order toprovide Eden with funds on account Clementine sells an electric guitar (ofwhich Winston was especially fond) for £20,000. Edenand Clementine immediately hit it off and within a fortnight have begun aromantic relationship. Eden moves in to the house with Clementine and the kidsand he takes Clementine to Prague and Madrid on weekend breaks and pays to takeClementine and her children to Disneyland Paris. Clementine runs up legal feesamounting to £350,000 which she owes to Eden’s law firm. Winston is notpaying maintenance to Clementine, so Eden pays £20,000 a month toClementine towards the household expenses as a loan to her.Winston’ssolicitor instructs a Barrister called Queenie to represent Winston inCourt. The Court hearing goes against Clementine and the Court orders herto move out of the family home. Outside the Court Eden has an angryaltercation with Winston. Eden punches Winston in front of both Queenieand Clementine.Queenieloses her temper and shouts at Eden, upset she shouts, ‘You have always had abad temper – I want a divorce’. Clementine had not known that Eden waseven married.Discuss any issues of professional conduct and ethics which are raisedby the scenario set out below. You are only to discuss should discussconduct and ethics issues in relation to English law, legal practice andprocedure.
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