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Don't last very long-- feel like she's dissapointed

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    I'm a 25yo male, my partner is 22, we've been in a relationship for two years, and in the beginning I could last a long time 45mins to an hour at least- nowadays I'm lucky if I last maybe ten mins.

    When we first started going out we were having sex a lot, sometimes we'd have it twice a day, nowadays its once a week. I understand that the drop in frequency may be a factor, however I've never been this quick in my life.

    I'm not actually all that experienced with sex outside our relationship, while I had sex before us, she is the only person I've really explored sex with in general.

    We've been going long distance in our relationship for like a good 4-5 months, I recently moved in with her 8 weeks ago, so maybe its just the excitement of seeing her again I dunno.

    I just can't stop myself from coming when I'm inside her, the more i try to not think about it and blindly thrust away the more my mind wanders back to the sensation. It just doesn't work for me. I get too turned on.

    She insists she doesn't mind that she doesn't get off, but I mind. I feel selfish, and deep down I think she's frustrated with our sex life. Its very routine and she's commented before.

    Not asking for tips, but has anyone experienced similar?

    10 mins is good if its continual thrusting if you get my drift most men last a few mins tops
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    (Original post by lauralands)
    10 mins is good if its continual thrusting if you get my drift most men last a few mins tops
    It's not continual per se, as I get tired quickly, stamina isn't all it used to be. In fact, its probably less than ten mins. Point is, I want to last 30+ minutes...

    Keep talking to her. What would she like to do?

    If you don't want to come, then 'blindly thrusting away' isn't going to stop it happening. What you need to do is learn the signs that it's about to happen and then, if you don't want it just then, doing something to change the stimulation.

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    Point is, I want to last 30+ minutes...
    Does she want you to last 30+ minutes? How do you know?

    Can you masturbate for that long?

    Mix it up,
    when you're at it, and you're beginning to feel like 'this is the end'.
    Pull out and start kissing down her, and give her oral until she's on the brink,
    then go back up, and continue so you'll both finish together.
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