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Slovakia to sue the EU - Britain should do the same

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    (Original post by MrControversial)
    The over reaction to WW2 created some forms of ideological extremism and aversion to really anything associated with the Nazis. Even something as innocuous as a mustache.
    Rights for moustache wearers! Stop the evil EU diversity agenda and bring back the tache!

    (Original post by MagicNMedicine)
    Rights for moustache wearers! Stop the evil EU diversity agenda and bring back the tache!
    The concept is known as reclaiming. I do mean it somewhat comically but the point is serious. The way the brain responds to things isn't always accurate. You have a lot of guilt by association. If someone with a red shirt attacks a person that person will in future be wary of red shirts even though it might be nothing to do with the root problem. You'll have the same whether the shirt is yellow or red. Animals in experiments will also often learn the same way to make such crude associations.

    There are a great many such problems with thinking and the human brain. Many of these problems are independent of ideology and this is something people overlook. True human flaws or human error. What ever the ideology, for example racism or anti-racism, if basic human flaws are ignored in the exercise of those ideologies then either way it's going to end up with bad results.

    (Original post by triceratops123)
    Slovakia is suing the EU because they tried to make 'refugee' relocation compulsory to all EU members. Britain should do the same; London is now minority British with a Pakistani mayor. If the 'diversity' agenda is completed, Europe will become minority White native European. Those who promote 'diversity' are never upfront about their objective, which is to turn every majority White country into minority White, coupled with forced assimilation, leading to the blending out of White people from the earth. The road will then be clear for the ruling elite to set up a World Government run by them.

    Diversity is White Genocide.
    Mate aint you seen that south park episide, goobacks?

    White people are goners (and most other nationalities /races). I say give it 150-200 yrs.

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    Make Slovakia great again!

    (Original post by godofwine)
    Diversity makes the world a better place.

    Personally, I feel privileged to live in such a great multi-cultural society.
    how much are they paying you
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Updated: May 30, 2016
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