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Unfair Maths expectations

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Why bother with a post grad? Are they even worth it? Have your say! 26-10-2016

    (Original post by black1blade)
    That moment when you do everything right and get a negative number or a value greater than 1 ect. You know you typed in something wrong into the calculator somewhere but you have no idea when so you just have to do the entire question again, especially if you are just given a table of values.
    but even when you do it again and still get the same answer as before 😂 It can be nightmare before realising it's something silly, this always used to happen with discrete random variables… I used to enjoy but sometimes I'd just never get the answer till like the third attempt when I realised I was just typing it wrong in the calc, worst thing is when your finger slips and hits 2 buttons

    (Original post by Enjor)
    Simple to the point where you overwork yourself and get the wrong answers, the wrong method of working out and all sorts.

    I mean I roughly got about 41 marks out of 100 on the non-calc after getting scores of around 70% on the plentiful of past papers that I did - all under self-imposed exam conditions (no breaks, no revision) even though I answered every question and felt confident. I was so prepared and now I think I'm going to get a D which means I'll be the age that people leave university by the time I start university.

    The beauty of it though is that all papers have the same formula every year. You will always know how to answer each of the six questions and which buzzwords to use - it's easy to memorize. The only difference is the source material (and maybe what you're supposed to write about on the last two questions in Section B, but it's not that significant) So essentially this means that English Language only has three or four real topics to consider.Meanwhile, Maths has some 20-40 odd topics in Foundation alone and you have to memorize all of them. A handful will go to waste when they don't appear in the paper (Gee, looks like I never needed to know about stem and leaf when it never even appeared in the first paper) which contributes to failure.
    Not sure if it's the same now or not, but when I did it we had to answer one question on poetry (same anthology as English lit), one question on short stories from an anthology and then one which is like 'review a product' kind of stuff. Oh yeah I think there was a kind of comprehension in there two. Do for the poetry and short stories we had to know all of them to a level where we were confortable writing about them, have quoted memorised, etc.

    With maths all the topics made logical sense so it wasn't so much memorising them as just understanding them. I mean obviously some things you have to memorise but it didn't feel like a chore in the same way memorising quotes did, as you just read the method once then do loads of practice questions to make it stick.

    Are the Maths Edexcel Higher Grade boundaries going up ? Apparently loads of people are saying it's going down because so many people are complaining about it.

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Updated: May 31, 2016
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