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    so, I've got a conditional offer from keele, Which need okay grades. For some reason i was drawn to go to keele, mainly due to its high student satisfaction, and my other uni were city unis. Anyways, im not 100% sure i can make the grades and i firmed it and applied for SF+accodation for it , but ive been worried for month i won't make the grades. Im just wondering if im a grade below on one or two of their asked for grades can i still get in ? E.g, theyre asking for AAB and i get ABC/BBB. And if they ask for B in maths and i get a C can i still get in. dont want to get my hopes too high, if its near impossible for me to get in.

    It's really dependant on the school and the amount of places already filled ect. I know a lot of people that didn't get the grades they needed, one getting BCE on a ABC/BBB entry requirement and another doing pharmacy who needed ABB and got BBD. Don't stress out too much because Keele is usually really flexible, also if you don't accept your grades they may offer you a foundation year, which I have just completed. If you have any questions about living at Keele ect feel free to ask 😊

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    A vast number of people who are in university entered without meeting the standard offer. In actuality, you're more likely to get accepted than rejected if you miss your offer by one grade.
    Take a look at this article, it may enlighten you on the topic.http://www.independent.co.uk/news/ed...-a6852261.html

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    I know I’ve already somewhat gotten the answer, But It very much looks like I am going to get ABD/ACD, for a course that needs BBB/ABC, the D being on the subject i need a B in to enter the Course, my predicted was a C, so even from my predicted there was not a high chance of getting a B. So I’m thinking i should just do another course, that doesn’t require the B subject. (Not too drastically different to my first option); or do a similar subject and convert in my 2nd year, since both courses have the same first year spec (not sure about keeles though). Anyways I’m wondering if I’m now too bellow the needed grades , At ACD when I need ABC/BBB, and anyone have any idea for the subscription level of the science degrees in keele?
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