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Why we should ban PE in school

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    PE was scaring.

    I love doing sport. I love gyming. I love rowing. I love running.

    Just the way PE lessons were run and the really awful people make it a very unpleasant experience.

    (Original post by JordanHardy)
    So you don't need exercise? to learn to work as a team? to learn to be competitive? to burn off steam? to learn about fitness and how to keep a healthy body? Just because its not a written lesson, doesn't mean its not important. When are you going to need algebra or trigonometry outside school? Just because a few of you don't like it, doesn't mean it has to be banned.
    You clearly have a pro-PE view. To address some of the points that you make:
    *We do need exercise but the compulsory PE in this country means that some schools can make it into a very unpleasant experience (bullying, being unappreciated, being inferior, etc.). Especially as it is taught from a young age, it can give many people somewhat traumatic experiences, creating a lot of the anti-PE views you see here. This is why many of the advantages you've stated are only applicable to some (albeit a majority) students.
    *We never learned about fitness in my school. It might've been nice if we did.
    *You're dismissing how skewed the economy is towards getting an office-based education. Obviously, PE won't give you as many skills as maths would. And I consider money to be important - getting a PE job is either a really good hit or a depressing miss, to my knowledge.
    *You're right, pure maths has much less practical benefits. On the other hand, they give you other benefits which are, at the very least, equal to PE.
    *I don't think that it should be banned either - that would be going against the interests of...people like you. It should be improved to accommodate for all skill levels, in the direction of how maths is now (or better!).

    Despite going against many of your points, I am trying to strike a neutral viewpoint. You should consider the experiences of those who don't like PE, and why they don't. I think that PE should simply be improved ultimately.

    (Original post by Incongruous)
    Just the way PE lessons were run and the really awful people make it a very unpleasant experience.
    When I was in Year 11 the girls' team ended up playing dodgeball with the boys. They were throwing the balls so hard that one of them broke my finger. Teacher sent me out and carried on with the game being violent. Oh well!

    Being unhealthy is also a selfish option - you're just contributing to the demise of healthy humans.

    Being unhealthy is just stupid. Sorry.

    Go to America, you will fit in there, I mean squeeze in there lol they're obese af I have a cousin there who is only around 10 that would make Big show look skinny

    "Being healthy doesn't come from healthy foods, it comes from being free and eat whatever you like. Happiness is healthy not healthy eating"

    There is nothing wrong with being fat, but making a trend and saying its better than being fit is just crossing the line

    i have a really great reason for not banning it
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Updated: May 30, 2016
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