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Philosophy at Glasgow, anyone know why its dropped down so much in the league tables?

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    Is anyone currently studying at Glasgow able to shed some light on why the philosophy degree has fallen a fair bit in the uni rankings over the past couple of years?

    I know the rankings should be taken with a pinch of salt but when I submitted my application for studying philosophy and theology, Glasgow was ranked at 15th for philosophy (complete university guide 2015 rankings). The league table for 2016 shows it dropped 13 places to 28th and for 2017 it has now dropped even further to 37th place.

    I accepted my offer for philosophy and theology early last year and deferred entry until this year so I could take a gap year but because of the drop in the rankings its making me concerned about whether I have made the right choice of uni. in order to study my chosen degree subjects, especially as one of the biggest drops in its philosophy ranking was in relation to graduate prospects.


    Does anywhere have amazing graduate prospects for philosophy and theology? Anyway, having picking up a few modules in philosophy; whilst it was taught by enthusiastic people, the content was quite dry, quite heavy and on the whole, uninteresting.

    No idea why it's taken a nose dive, but as you acknowledge; the ratings are based on things like how many teachers have contributed to journals that year, what standard those journals were, how many graduates are working 6 months later (dependant on who answers the surveys, and who does so honestly), and student satisfaction numbers (based on largely subjective data)... I wouldn't worry about it at all.

    Hi there,

    I have no idea why that has happened but I would not worry too much about league tables. I did philosophy for two years in Glasgow and religious studies (Asian traditions) for one semester and absolutely loved the courses. You can always improve your prospectives of finding work after uni by taking up some volunteering during your time at uni, getting involved in societies etc.

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Updated: June 30, 2016
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