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    Hii im a GCSE student and really not sure what to do for a levels. I want to look into a career option in veterinary but am not too sure. I do triple science at school and enjoy all the sciences though physics is my absolute fave but i wanna know if its a lot harder in a levels also if choosing physics biology chemistry and psychology a good idea. They are all sciences but i cant help it i like science ??? (P.s i hate maths and suck at it but realise you cant do physics without maths is there anyone that did physics without maths)

    Don't do psychology it sounds really good and then you start it and it's horrendous!! I've wasted 9 months on that class

    Math A-level is actually really good and much more interesting than GCSE, but I don't do physics so idc how important it is but I can imagine it is difficult to do physics without math

    Biology and chemistry are hard. They need a lot of work and you have to be dedicated and out in the time if you want top grades.

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    Both the physics and maths courses I did have a mechanics module which is almost the sams in both subjects. This means ur peers who do maths+phys will have a headstart on u. The rest of physics also involves a lot of maths, and it obviously only gets harder in A2. I did really well in physics bc Im good at maths.
    Physics A level is interesting but its very different to GCSE and you might struggle with the amount of maths in it if its not ur strongest subject. To decide, think about the balance between enjoyability and effort; is it worth it?

    I did 3 sciences (+maths). Theres no such thing as an easy a level. U will have to put a load of work in no matter what subjects u do so 3 sciences is also doable but ur grades heavily depend on the amount of work u do. If u enjoy them then generally u will do well in them. Personally i find the sciences way easier than any essay subjects etc. so difficulty of an a level is subjective really.
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Updated: June 7, 2016
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