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Best fun i've had in ages

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    Never though i'd be ever such a mess in life.

    I'd never though i'd say these words.

    "I like working at a takeaway"

    I had so much fun today, my mum taught me the ropes and i was slowly managing to get through numerous orders with some difficulty sometimes where customers would speak quietly or want to change their order, or maybe i didn't understand what they wanted to order.
    There were a total of 23 orders today wow, i think that's a decent amount for a takeaway which open up about a few months ago. In any case the best bit was when i had **** in my pants when the phone rang wondering if i was gonna **** things up and screw up the order(i did do that once since i couldn't really hear what they were saying -.- mum saved the day lol). But it was great fun packing things up and giving it to the delivery man to take the stuff to the ppl's homes.

    Best bit from my whole time there today was taking an order of £100+. All the ppl working there got a bit scared when the delivery took over and hour and the delivery guy rang up to say he couldn't find the place to deliver it too. Never have i seen so many faces on the point of *****ing themselves from thinking they took a fake order. It was pretty believable though, the driver couldn't find the place(and he's supposed to know the area pretty well), we phoned the number the person rang us on and they didn't pick up 5 times. So yea until the delivery guy asked around and found the place, Fortunately the place was real and you had to drive through a private road which isn't shown on public maps i think.

    So yea plenty of fun for a recluse like me who studies a lot and sits in front of their laptop 24/7

    Tl: DR I had fun taking orders at a takeaway and there was a moment people thought we had a fake order but finally in the end we got there and managed to deliver the food

    i still dont get the TLDR
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    (Original post by ihatePE)
    i still dont get the TLDR
    i missed out a t on thought
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